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Entertainer = ninja

In this post I would like to explain what job of entertainer (animator) is about, I will focus on my current animation season. This phrase defines it very well: “it’s called entertainer only because full time multi tasking ninja is not an actual job title”.
So what do I actually do?
The main part of my job is to lead different fitness and sports activities – three in the morning and two in the afternoon. It sounds easy but to do aqua gym or aqua zumba in 40 degrees is really exhausting!
In my animation programme I have also a session called Health & Beauty, so for a moment I am a beautician (putting yoghurt on the guests’ faces and cucumber on their eyes) and also bartender (preparing smoothie).
Besides activities I also have excursion with the guests, every week we go to the lighthouse and then to the markets. So I’m also kind of tourist guide.
Sometimes during the day I also have to provide towels to the guests when the lifeguard is not there at the moment. Occasionally I have to become interpretor English<–>Spanish when the bartender doesn’t understand or wants to say something to the guests. Another important part of animation is talking to people – I mentioned it in my last post.
In the evenings I do welcome and check rooms in the restaurant (not everybody has a half board here). After that I become DJ Lucie – playing everything what people ask for, I also host a music/movie quiz, karaoke, bingo etc.
Then when the season comes to an end, like now in October, it’s really hard to entertain people – they want to just relax and when the weather is bad, they are (probably) hiding in their rooms. So when there are no people for my activities, I have to do an inventory check, organize things and clean everything.
As you can see, the working hours in animation are divided into three parts – morning, afternoon and evening, so during the day I have just short breaks and sometimes the only thing I want to do is to have a siesta! Even ninja needs a rest sometimes and because I have just one day off, it’s always hard decision – to go for a trip or to sleep all day long and relax?
entertainment animation blog & news
Entertainment animation blog & news


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Posted on – Friday, October 14, 2016

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